ATEGO 1317-A 4×4
October 22, 2015
ATEGO 1517­A 4×4
October 22, 2015

ATEGO 1317-A 4×4 water tank

Mercedes ATEGO 1317­A 4×4

Lindner­Fischer, drink water tank ­ NEW


Axles: 4×4

Emission: Euro 2

Cabin: day cabin

HP/KW: 170 HP / 127 Kw

Gearbox: Manual gearbox

Wheelbase: 3560 mm

Suspension: steel spring

MERCEDES ATEGO 1317­A 4×4 equipped with

Lindner&Fischer 7.000 L drink water tank ­ NEW

Engine, 4­cyl. in­line, LA, 125 kW, 2300 rpm

Anti­lock braking system (ABS)

Air conditioning

Sun visor

Lindner&Fischer 7.000 L water tank

One compartment

Self­sucking pump, hydraulically driven by PTO of truck engine

Pump capacity: approx. 500 ltr./min at 1.5 bar

16 mtr. hose reel

The Special Low­Torsion L&F body mounting system for tank

bodies is recommendable due to their strongness, torsionresistant

design, in particular for Off­Road operation under

rough cross­country conditions. The elastic connection

between the truck chassis and the subframe provides a

torsion­absorbing function.

Length: 662 cm

Width: 250 cm

Height: 305 cm

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